No threat intelligence platform is going to replace a good human analyst. Proactivity is key to ensuring an adequate defensive posture against modern adversaries. Intelligence aggregation and curation is paramount to a proactively engaged cyber workforce.

Among other services, ThreatABLE provides a vendor-agnostic roll-up of cyber threat intelligence to employees of organizations of any size. We aim to provide everyone from analysts to CISOs a one-stop-shop to sift through the gargantuan amounts of data that comes flooding into the industry every day.

With such a fast moving industry it's great to have a lot of communities I try to monitor in one place.

ThreatABLE saves me from having to go to untold number of sites to get the same amount of information. All from the same portal. It's great!

Wow. Much hax, very fast intel. Thanks!

I asked for a data source that I didn't see being parsed that I thought was useful, it was added within a week!

Keeping up with who to follow is daunting, this makes it so easy.