UnitedHealth Faces Outage As Optum Hack Forced Shutdown Of Healthcare Billing Systems | Daily Security Review
Week in review: 10 cybersecurity startups to watch, admins urged to remove VMware vSphere plugin
RCMP investigating cyber attack as its website remains down
Authorities Claim LockBit Admin "LockBitSupp" Has Engaged with Law Enforcement
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The Cybersecurity Market is Changing! A Move to Platformization | by Prof Bill Buchanan OBE | Feb, 2024 | Medium
Russian Ministry Software Backdoored with North Korean KONNI Malware
Apple adds PQ3 quantum-resistant encryption to iMessage
Microsoft Expands Free Logging Capabilities for all U.S. Federal Agencies
How Automation Detected Default Admin Credential Worth $500 | by the_unlucky_guy | Feb, 2024 | Medium
In A Goldrush, Sell Shovels. 6 of 7 top companies in the world are… | by Prof Bill Buchanan OBE | ASecuritySite: When Bob Met Alice | Feb, 2024 | Medium
FTC sues H&R Block over deceptive 'free' online filing ads
Change Healthcare attack linked to state-backed threat actors
Konni RAT deployed via backdoored Russian government tool installer
New Cycode application security platform features unveiled
Numerous LockBit ransomware attacks target ConnectWise servers
Palo Alto Networks Launches Cortex Platform Offer
Redesigning the Network to Fend Off Living-Off-the-Land Tactics
Beyond Identity Introduces Device360 for Security Risk Visibility Across All Devices
Goodbye to something that didn’t exist … Location 23 | by Prof Bill Buchanan OBE | ASecuritySite: When Bob Met Alice | Feb, 2024 | Medium
Hackers Leak 2.5M Private Plane Owners' Data Linked to LA Intl. Airport Breach
Insomniac Games alerts employees hit by ransomware data breach
LockBit ransomware gang has over $110 million in unspent bitcoin
Google Pay app shutting down in US, users have till June to move funds
Orgs Face Major SEC Penalties for Failing to Disclose Breaches
Lovers' Spat? North Korea Backdoors Russian Foreign Affairs Ministry
Apple Beefs Up iMessage With Quantum-Resistant Encryption
Exclusive: Cyberattack on Change Healthcare was an exploit of the ConnectWise flaw
Malicious Apple Shortcuts could bypass security features to steal data
Malawi Immigration Dept. Halts Services Amid Cyberattack
Privacy Beats Ransomware as Top Insurance Concern
Avast to Pay $16.5M Fine For Selling Consumer Browsing Data
Operation Cronos: Who Are the LockBit Admins
Dormant PyPI Package Compromised to Spread Nova Sentinel Malware
The Future of MATIC and What to Expect in 2024
U-Haul says hacker accessed customer records using stolen creds
Alarm Over GenAI Risk Fuels Security Spending in Middle East & Africa
Collaborating for Standardized Threat Investigation & Response
ConnectWise ScreenConnect Mass Exploitation Delivers Ransomware
Microsoft finally expands free logging to all federal clients
Signal21 Beta Launch Bridges Gap in Blockchain Intelligence Services
New ScreenConnect RCE flaw exploited in ransomware attacks
Windows Photos gets AI magic eraser on Windows 10 and later
ICO Bans Serco Leisure's Use of Facial Recognition for Employees
Expect AI to play a major role in this year’s election cycle
Deepfake Threat: $2 Deceptive Content Undermines Election Integrity
How to Import OST Files into Outlook
78% of Organizations Suffer Repeat Ransomware Attacks After Paying
Missed IWCON 2023? Catch Recorded Expert Sessions Here (Pt. 2) | by InfoSec Write-ups | Feb, 2024 | InfoSec Write-ups
ConnectWise ScreenConnect attacks deliver malware
How to Use Tines's SOC Automation Capability Matrix
Microsoft Releases PyRIT - A Red Teaming Tool for Generative AI
Avast ordered to pay $16.5 million for misuse of user data
UnitedHealth confirms Optum hack behind US healthcare billing outage
The old, not the new: Basic security issues still biggest threat to enterprises
Secure email gateways struggle to keep pace with sophisticated phishing campaigns
New infosec products of the week: February 23, 2024
2024 will be a volatile year for cybersecurity as ransomware groups evolve
92% of companies eyeing investment in AI-powered software
How to Navigate the Evolving DDoS Attack Landscape
Facebook Accounts Targeted by Vietnamese Threat Groups
Researchers Detail Apple's Recent Zero-Click Shortcuts Vulnerability
Insurers Use Claims Data to Recommend Cybersecurity Technologies
FTC Slams Avast with $16.5 Million Fine for Selling Users' Browsing Data
Hubris May Have Contributed to Downfall of Ransomware Kingpin LockBit
Pharmacy Delays Across US Blamed on Nation-State Hackers
Microsoft has started testing Wi-Fi 7 support in Windows 11
Microsoft now force installing Windows 11 23H2 on eligible PCs
NSA Cybersecurity Director Rob Joyce to Retire
Zero-Click Apple Shortcuts Vulnerability Allows Silent Data Theft
iSoon's Secret APT Status Exposes China's Foreign Hacking Machination
SHA-256 Under the Hood. Look inside the popular hash function. | Medium
World Economic Forum 2024: What You Need To Know About The Global Cybersecurity Outlook | by Anthony Today | ILLUMINATION | Jan, 2024 | Medium
SCCM Hierarchy Takeover with High Availability | by Garrett Foster | Feb, 2024 | Posts By SpecterOps Team Members
HTTP-Only Sessions: No Problem? ATO Still Lurks via XSS! | by Kyrillos Maged | Feb, 2024 | Medium
High-volume malware campaigns involve Google Cloud Run exploitation
Sophisticated PlugX backdoor variant leveraged in Mustang Panda attacks
Bitwarden’s new auto-fill option adds phishing resistance
ScreenConnect servers hacked in LockBit ransomware attacks
LATAM Malware Variants - 2023 Technical Updates
Russian Cyberattackers Launch Multi-Phase PsyOps Campaign
TikTok’s latest actions to combat misinformation shows it’s not just a U.S. problem
Massive AT&T outage impacts US mobile subscribers
FTC to ban Avast from selling browsing data for advertising purposes
SMBs at Risk From SendGrid-Focused Phishing Tactics
How I Hacked the Dutch Government: Exploiting an Innocent Image for Remote Code Execution | by Mukund Bhuva | Feb, 2024 | Medium
Bug bounty writeup : 2F/OTP Bypass on Registeration via Response manipulation | by NoorHomaid | Feb, 2024 | Medium
How easy deepfake can join your Zoom and Google meeting | by VXRL | Feb, 2024 | Medium
What You Need To Know About The Future Of ChatGPT | by Anthony Today | CodeX | Feb, 2024 | Medium
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Apple Unveils PQ3 Protocol - Post-Quantum Encryption for iMessage
UOB, Samsung Back Singapore's Startale Labs in $7 Million Web3 Push
Apple Shortcuts Vulnerability Exposes Sensitive Data, Update Now!
Interview with a Lock Picker - Episode 76 - NicksPicks #locksport #lockpicking - YouTube
Mirage: Cyber Deception Against Autonomous Cyber Attacks - YouTube
879. ES Cylinder with Grub Screws picked ideal practice lock picking as pins can easily be removed - YouTube
GitHub - netfoundry/zfw: An ebpf based firewall for openziti edge-routers/tunnelers
How to Hold KEMs
DoD Approved 8570 Baseline Certifications – DoD Cyber Exchange
Go Go XSS Gadgets: Chaining a DOM Clobbering Exploit in the Wild | Brett Buerhaus
Tech Job Interviews Are Out of Control | WIRED
Hey everyone! 👋. I wanted to share this awesome tool I… | by socke (L) | Feb, 2024 | Medium
Chinese firm’s leaked files show vast international hacking effort - The Washington Post
A type of cyberattack that could set your smartphone on fire using its wireless charger
Wannabe Security Researcher!?!? -
Vorhängeschloss knacken mit Kamm (Comb) Pick - deutsch UHD lockpicking #lockpicking #60fps #uhd - YouTube
DarkGate: Opening Gates for Financially Motivated Threat Actors
RCMP networks targeted by cyberattack | CBC News
Chilling warning Chinese cyberattack 'will be 100 times worse' than AT&T network outage - The Mirror US
878. ERA Deadlock picked again & gutted to show levers are all there and haven’t been tampered with - YouTube
Continuously fuzzing Python C extensions | Trail of Bits Blog
Deep Dive into DLL Sideloading and DLL Hijacking - Malware Development Course - YouTube
ASTRA: An Internet Mystery - YouTube
GreyNoise Labs - Code injection or backdoor: A new look at Ivanti’s CVE-2021-44529
Join Cloud Security Office Hours!
GitHub - Azure/PyRIT: The Python Risk Identification Tool for generative AI (PyRIT) is an open access automation framework to empower security professionals and machine learning engineers to proactively find risks in their generative AI systems.
Vulnerability Summary for the Week of February 12, 2024 | CISA
What Happened to the Master 570? An Investigation - YouTube
GitHub - KaanSK/go-epss: A Golang library for interacting with the EPSS (Exploit Prediction Scoring System).
SEC.gov | Request Rate Threshold Exceeded
Report: Leaked Files Expose PRC International Hacking Efforts
GitHub - W01fh4cker/ScreenConnect-AuthBypass-RCE: ScreenConnect AuthBypass(cve-2024-1709) --> RCE!!!
Introduction to Security in SDLC with SAST
Fully Homomorphic Encryption | We are a community of researchers and developers interested in advancing homomorphic encryption and other secure computation techniques.
A basic design for a Landing Page using HTML , CSS , JS
OSS Guardian is a security-focused platform that enhances the security of the software supply chain for open-source projects. It includes features like vulnerability scanning, security reports, a bounty program, CI/CD integration, and community support.
Call of Duty Warzone has gained significant popularity over time, attracting millions of global players. Lavicheats offers cheats and hacks that can give you an unbeatable
Enhance the security of your KeyAuth ImGui example by implementing server-side controls, packet encryption, and single-use packets, offering robust protection against unauthorized access.
UVA Hack The Map 2024
hack votes
This is a decentralized platform for freelancers and clients to connect and transact without the need for intermediaries. This platform would utilize blockchain technology to ensure transparency, security, and fairness in all transactions.
Disk Spoof Conceal your storage device.GPU Spoof Mask your graphics card details.RAM Spoof Hide your system memory specifications.GUID Spoof Alter your system globally unique identifier.BIOS Spoof Modify BIOS information for added security..System Spoof.M
The following is a project that I worked on during my time in UNSW Security Society.
Studi Independen - IT Network & Cyber Security Specialist
This is a proof of concept of a project for KeyTree Solutions. Live = http://treedata.co.uk Test = https://treedata.philhenning.co.uk
A proof-of-concept web-based Explorer for JSON data
Rowdy Hacks project for 2024
A message from the Hackers group Lockbit to the FBI after they were hacked due to a public PHP CVE vulnerability and started a countdown for the realease of classified leaked information | Lockbit 4.0
Mad Hack 2024 project
The Esp and Aimbot hack for Valorant, which includes source code for an internal cheat with extensive features developed in C++.
Password registration integrating Have I Been Pwned API for enhanced security, preventing compromised credentials during user registration.
CCTV installation ecommerce website
Network Security
This project establishes a robust and secure RESTful API for managing bookmarks using NestJS, a popular JavaScript framework for building scalable Node.js applications. It offers CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) operations for bookmarks, user authentic
Beginners project as a proof of understanding basic ReactJS concepts
Windows Defender Firewall with Advanced Security
project for fully hacks 24
Remote SMS Learning Project Learn SMS management via Android APK payloads. Features: Education, Payloads, Security, User-friendly, Customization, Device Compatibility.
A proof-of-concept using an LLM to augment its own performance
proof of concept testing
Ivanti Pulse Secure Client Connect Local Privilege Escalation CVE-2023-38041 Proof of Concept
A small project to enhance prevention of wallet PC wallet hacks through backend Bugs
Python Hacking Tools
Ethical Hacking course for Android
Ghost Admin Finder is designed to quickly and simply locate admin login panels on a website.
A proof-of-concept web-based Explorer for JSON data
To hack the insta pass fake login
A proof of concept decoder/encoder for Godot's GDEC (Encrypted) files.
This is a repository where I will upload my progress on CTFs (Capture The Flag) and I will document my answers and thoughts. CTFs are cybersecurity challenges designed to test participants' skills in various aspects of information security
NHS Hack Day 26 Project - Finding Computers on Wheels (cows)
Proof of concept over monitoring solution over AKS
Important security headers for SvelteKit
Contains source code for the project that was created in DU Hacks 3.0
This documentation outlines the setup of a local virtual machine (VM) environment using Vagrant, aimed at rapid deployment for labs, proof of concept projects, and potentially to create a local Kubernetes cluster. The setup is modular, allowing for easy e
DU hacks 2024
Proyecto Hack
Hack Illinois project
Discover an extensive collection of hacking tools developed in C. From network and system hacking to web, mobile, IoT, and malware analysis, this repository is your ultimate resource. Join our community and push the boundaries of cyber security innovation
repository for pearl hacks hack 2024
This is a spring boot app for security practice
pearl hacks 2024
VantaBlack Pro: Obsidian's open-source knowledge management solution for teams. Document, task, and communication tools built for power and security.
Pearl Hack submission for 2024
BirthdayWish is a Kotlin Android app designed to deliver personalized birthday greetings in a unique and memorable way. With customizable messages, captivating background music, and interactive digital gifting, BirthdayWish offers a delightful user experi
hack the map hackthon project
Hack the Map
Full-stack Todo App using Java, Spring Boot 3, Spring Data JPA, Spring Security, JWT, JavaScript, React JS & MySQL
CyberSecurity courses by Mohammadlotfi
Demonstrates a proof-of-concept system for realtime messaging on iOS and Android platforms.
"EOSIO: A high-performance blockchain for dApps with scalability, flexibility, and security. Join the decentralized revolution now! #EOSIO #Blockchain 🚀"
Proof of concept to demonstrate possible improvements
Hacking With SwiftUI iOS 17 Edition
Wizbuy - DDU Hacks 3.0 Submission
python proof of concept for embedded gateway code
Pearl Hacks
Proof of concept how plugin auto-registration system could work in Typescript project
This is tool was made for educational purposes and proof of concepts. I'm not accountable for any unlawful, unprecedented action and any violation of ToS administered by a third party.
Security Checks for CTO/CISO
A TCP server to be used with a hacked picosytem.
Hack for tomorrow!
NDE Termennetwerk als OpenAPI plugin voor LLM's Proof of concept
Discover IBM QRadar enhancements here: custom configurations, rules, and integrations to boost your security. Dive into curated resources for optimal threat detection and response with QRadar.
This is for Pearl Hacks 2024
Proof of Concept building simple chat application using Golang & VueJS & Websocket
Hacker News NG
Team repo for the RGU hack
Experience the future of Roblox exploiting with Nezur Roblox Hack, offering a safe and comprehensive suite of cheats including ESP, Aimbot, and more.
NHS Hack Day 2024 - To use demographic and geographic data to aid in decisions about where to commission NHS services
Clara, Dani, and Mila's Hack the Map Project
NSBE Hacks 2024 Project
Tink-her-hack project 2024
Hacking Methodologies and Tools Collection
recurbate free premium account login and password 2024 for full archive recorded recurbate.com ULTIMATE membership and unlimited videos downloader. Recurbate.cc hack online access bypass 2024 FREE. ✅️ LINK: t.co/kDHZsBF6HK
Python Based Project, that features a custom hash table implementation with linear probing for conflict resolution, user password hashing with salt for enhanced security, and functionality for adding users, updating passwords, and checking user existence.
Du hacks submission
These are exercises on safety and information security subjects
A proof of concept RAT written in Rust
Developed a Password Security Website with a Password Generator and Cybersecurity Education tools using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to enhance online security awareness and empower users.
Ztoopid hack client for penguin mod i cooked up
Security By Design Challenge
EmbedPy2C integrates Python into C for cryptographic operations, emphasizing SHA256 and SHA3-256 primitives. This proof-of-concept demonstrates powerful synergy, allowing developers to combine Python's flexibility with C's efficiency.
Comp430 Course Work
PALMS Playwright Typescript Proof of Concept
A proof of concept tool for using local LLMs to transform messy text documents into structured JSON
CSRF_POC_Generate is a proof-of-concept (POC) tool designed to demonstrate Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) vulnerabilities in web applications.
key-logger is a python application that can be used to keep track of data entered by the user, this application can be used for parent-child controlling and ethical hacking.
In the enchanting realm of gaming, DLLX1 reigns supreme as a paragon of excellence. A fully realized internal hack tailored exclusively for Valorant,
Class code - likely to always be very messy as it's code we just hack about
an ethical hacking tool, complementary to hydra, to brute force the login page of a website.
Hacking Exposed Juventus LAB
Eternalblue Exploit - developed by the NSA. Leaked by the Shadow Brokers hacker group in 2017. Top operating system exposed windows 7 professional. Also known as as MS17-010 takes advantage of a flaw in a network file-sharing protocol called SMBv1.
Fortnite External Hack 2024 Aimbot Esp Wallhack
인프런 springSecurity 강의
.NET library and package for server-side validation of in-app payments from multiple vendors (google, apple). Designed for developers who need a unified and reliable way to validate subscriptions and purchases. VouchR simplifies the integration and valida
Exemplo de IaC com terraform provisionando uma instância EC2 com IP Elastico e security group
How I achieve The Consolation Prize in Cyber Security Awareness Video Competition, 2023
Torrentpier v2.4.1. CVE-2024-1651. Remote Code Execution (RCE).
estudo sobre spring security
Script for extracting Network Security Groups
Course work for CyberSecurityBase 2024 -course
A Basic Spring Boot Application with impl of Spring Security 6
An app to help people with adhd to organize their daily tasks. This app is written by rookie programmers as a proof of concept for a hackathon.
Proof of concept companion of The Last Challenge Attack paper
A dating app - in progress. Implementing using Java's Spring Boot, JPA (Hibernate), Spring Security, AWS's DynamoDB (NoSQL), and SQL DB for back-end. For Front-end, React Native, React, and FireBase.
The group 11 repo for Hack Trinity.
Proof of Concept Repo for setting up Flux
A Proof of Concept for a Pikmin-like Bird Game
COSMO is a fully featured internal hack for Valorant written in C++
JSONPath proof-of-concept tool (as used during development of RFC 9535)
Proof of Concept for ELK deployment
Hack Illinois 2024 Project
A POC (proof-of-concept) to visualise inngest events & functions.
Cyber Security Internship @ CodeAlpha February 2024
Hacking together a HID for potential auto testing.
This is a proof of concept: IOC in docker containers
Hack ARMAS DE GUERRA Recetas Quimicas Digitalizadas Informatica PiD + C Y/O Cerebros Humanos
Proof of Concept for a Vantage6 server running in a kubernetes cluster
Blox Fruits Blatant Hacking PvP script. Like Cocaine, But for Blox Fruits.
For Sybyl custom proof-of-concept CIAM project
A simple script to automate the recognition phase in ethical hacking
facebook hacker facebook hacking termux windows 10 PC python file
⛵️🦕 Set sail on your Hack Club's journey to new horizons of innovation
Spring Boot / Postman / MongoDB / Java
Proof of Concept utilizing free resources available online
this script is for hacking facebook on puting id and password and give us a accounts in the friend and the passwords only Ali123 only
Game Cheat Imgui Hack Menu Cpp
A python web based CRUD application; sort of a skeleton and proof of concept project
The Esp and Aimbot hack for Valorant, which includes source code for an internal cheat with extensive features developed in C++.
Proof of Concept
An advanced backend application which allows users to create an account and log in, automatically sends mails for verification and order reminders, implements Spring Security (Authentication/Authorization), allows creation of user carts and orders and use
This will be the repository that is used for the coding project of Pearl Hacks 2024.
Tools Hack Facebook
Setting up ELK to collect and analyze Nginx logs for troubleshooting, monitoring, and security purposes.
Practicing some more of Spring Security
our teams project on food security
Utilizing YOLOv8 with transfer learning for real-time crop disease detection. Achieves 88% mean Average Precision at IoU 50, 81.7% recall, and 82.3% precision across 6 classes on a dataset of 3462 photos. Offers fast deployment with minimal labeled data f
Showcasing a grasp of basic operations to evaluate the efficiency of protecting critical infrastructure from cyber disasters.
Proof of concept Athena Mercure integration
This notebook will introduce some foundation machine learning and data science concepts by exploring the problem of heart disease classification. It is intended to be an end-to-end example of what a data science and machine learning proof of concept migh
Proof-of-concept RISC OS syscall wrapper crate
An application that provides articles about Hacker News. It discusses new posts, comments, and jobs submitted to the website.
An html local-storage editor for game hacking
Basic Authentication Example using Spring Boot 3.2.2 and Spring Security 6.2.1
Electiva 6
A hacking to script which scans a website with nmap and list the exploits possible
Explores topics related to both front end and backend web development including web security, scalable architecture, web frameworks, databases, and object relational mappers.
Explore advanced fraud detection methods in financial transactions with ML and DL models. Detect patterns, analyze data, and compare model performance for robust security measures. Ideal for financial institutions aiming to enhance fraud prevention strate
This repository contains theoretical concepts within the information security domain. Suitable for newcomers and experienced professionals alike.
Proof-of-concept implementation of SD-JWS EBSI EBIP
CryptGuard is a secure file storage system with advanced encryption for protecting sensitive data. Easily upload, store, and manage your files with confidence, knowing that your data is encrypted both at rest and in transit. Ensure the confidentiality and
Configuration Hardening Assessment PowerShell Script (CHAPS) is a PowerShell script for checking system security settings where additional software and assessment tools, such as Microsoft Policy Analyzer, cannot be installed.
an NGINX proof of concept that highlights how you can centralize multiple services behind a single reverse proxy
a description and proof-of-concept of a proposed flavor of markdown for end-users on social websites
Hacking With Swift Project 17. Flash cards for learning new language.
Proof of concept - Angular - Use library
Breaking Active Directory Security with 🍞
Tech stuff about security
AX7020 board is widely used in security monitoring, automotive electronics, machine vision, intelligent manufacturing, video and audio acquisition and processing, medical equipment, instrumentation, smart grid and other industries.
this runs completely locally and offine mode which provide security to your confidentail PDF's
Desafio para implementação do JWT token com Sprint Security
This is a Proof of concept test automation for Qualtrics MX
Backend - sistema de login com Java Spring Security e JWT
Ultra hack for Arduino + USB serial / CDC. Only demonstrates ideas.
a learning tool to help understand and categorize Cyber security terms and concepts.
Harvard University’s CS50 course teaches how to think algorithmically and solve problems efficiently. Topics include abstraction, algorithms, data structures, encapsulation, resource management, security, software engineering, and web programming. Languag
Revolutionizing the financial ecosystem with Instant Card Issuance (ICI) using blockchain and AI-driven security. Secure, fast, and user-friendly virtual card issuance.
Springboot-Jwt Security, Login/ Logout, Roles and Permissions and JpaAuditing
A proof of concept showing how to sign a transaction for ETH by combining different parts of the NEAR tech stack
Proof of concept using dosubl to create a fcmp like function for a rolling sum of size three
Introducing "port_scan" - the fastest port scanning tool around! With lightning-speed scans, advanced algorithms, and reliable results, it's your go-to option for enhancing network security. Find it on GitHub for seamless integration and easy usability.
A guided walkthrough to the "Blue" room on Try Hack Me
This is my Final Year Project Using Java, J2EE, Spring boot, Spring Security, Spring Web , Spring Data Jpa, Hibernate, Spring Dev Tool, Spring MVC, Spring IOC, Thymeleaf, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap-5, JQuery, MySql, Apache Tomcat ,Eclipse, Vs Code,
Hwid Spoofer is a C# application that enables you to alter various system identifiers on your Windows computer, offering randomization of critical identifiers like HWID, PC GUID, computer name, product ID, and even MAC address. This tool allows for enhanc
Proof of concept for data exchange between Flutter and web app inside webview.
En este Repositorio encontraremos una variedad de archivos pdf relacionado con Ciberseguridad , Tipos Auditorias , Redes , Hacking , Modelo OSI , muy "Completos " Entre otras muchas cosas mas te recomiendo "TOTALMENTE" que le des una mirada no te arrenpe
Proof of concept to combine audio and video input using Lab Streaming Layer
Full Stack Application with Spring Security Backend, Keycloak Authentication, PostgreSQL Database, Docker and a Next.js Frontend
Security Fixes for Joomla 3 as an installable package.
A repository to explore security measures on the web
A simple bot that uses VirusTotal API to scan links directly inside discord with a simple command
The Stealer is an educational project focused on data security and privacy practices within computer systems. It explores data extraction, encryption, and transmission methods, empowering users to understand digital vulnerabilities and ethical practices.
(Proof of concept) Verhindert dass im RuhrFurMeet zu krass gesabbert wird
This is my warehouse’s research on vulnerabilities in the security industry
Proof of concept Windows shellcode injector to bypass AV and EDR
A proof of concept
Tools... for hackers!
Dissertation project. Cyber security pen test tool
This is a proof of concept implementation in c# of the Aho-Corasick algorithm
This project is from a job position on Redway Security!
Cybersecurity Notes For Intermediate and Advanced Hackers | CEH Exam Prep Also Included
WIP out-of-tree collection of CUDA modules for Nixpkgs to hack more quickly without long eval times
Материали от Git && GitHub workshop-а към Hack TUES X
A minimal proof-of-concept of how to leverage VC and DID to implement identity and trust
Realtime Chat Application with: Spring boot + Spring Data Jpa(Hibernate) + Spring Security(Bcrypt password encoder) Websocket(SockJS and STOMP) for messaging + MySQL database + Unit Testing using JUnit, AssertJ and Mockito Angular, PrimeNg fo
The Safetynomicon: An Introduction to Computer Security for Wary Data Scientists
Notas de los retos de hacking
Proof of concept of a concurrent message storage service in rust.
Some poc technical solution in daily practice
Proof of concept of loading batch data via an ELT process using technologies such as Airflow, PySpark, and PostgreSQL.
A command-line tool for enhancing file security through encryption
Proof of concept RTEMS IOC running in QEMU
Server side code for Open University's final project in security intro
Currently developing a React-based e-learning platform with distinct user phases: admin, mentor, and student. Admin panel is completed, focusing on refining the mentor interface. Implemented JWT authentication for security and utilized the Context API for
A proof of concept to run rm2fb on a fixed version of xochitl independently of the one used of UI
whatsapp web backend using Spring,Spring-Boot,Spring-Security and Authentication
The {metæffekt} CVSS Calculator is a web application that allows to calculate CVSS scores for multiple CVSS vectors of different versions simultaneously.
Page for Event of Hacking
.NET Core Web API designed to handle user authentication and management. It demonstrates the implementation of JWT (JSON Web Tokens) for secure API access, alongside robust user registration and login functionalities. The API also showcases best practice
The repo is being maintained as Data Security Proj LMU
LoggableActivity is a Ruby gem for Rails applications that records user activities and protects sensitive data.
A Nuxt based app delivering secure, private messaging with a focus on user privacy and data security.
This branch is to support my book "Mastering Cyber Defense Symphony" : The Ultimate Security Orchestra: OpenSource, Wazuh, Shuffle, Cortex, TheHive, and MISP for indomitable Cyber Defense.
Work in progress, have been paused for a long time. Backend of video game Shop, on progress. Pinned as demo of my level in spring boot. Keywords : SpringBoot, ORM, Spring data JPA, Hibernate, Spring Security, Web Api, Java
Cipher Guard is a robust security application built on MERN Stack, offering a modern and performant platform to safeguard your digital credentials and sensitive information. With a focus on user-centric security, it provides a comprehensive suite of featu
This project addresses challenges in healthcare record management using decentralized technologies, enhancing efficiency and security during patient transitions between providers.
Write-ups and notes for Hack The Box Academy modules
WIP - scripts for analyzing the (in)security of Chrome extensions
Small Project work for Alpen Adria Universität Klagenfurt
a Minecraft Hacking client designed to bypass multiple server.
A security and management system for school vehicles using YOLO-trained neural networks. Captures real-time video, identifies vans, reads license plates and decals, cross-referencing them to a predefined list for secure school transit.
Proof of Concept: Task Manager base event loop
A module that supports deploying the Security and Compliance Center Workload Protection agent
Proof of Concept - CV Manager
Module that supports provisioning a Security and Compliance Center Workload Protection instance
Rareweave's Duktape fork focused on security and usage within blockchains
Secure, sleek, and user-friendly Security Dashboard for effortless network protection and management.
Proof of Concept: Scheduler base event loop
GitHub native DevSecOps CI/CD best practices include automated security testing, code analysis, and policy enforcement using GitHub Actions, coupled with secure IaC and container security measures. This entails managing secrets, enforcing access control,
A simple API REST to store passwords with security.
This repository showcases my portfolio as a cybersecurity professional, including different activities and abilities that I know, going from text writing to more technical skills as writing python code, navigating in linux and analytical skills as the one
Websites monitoring via GitHub Actions (expiration, security, performances, privacy, SEO)
This tool is used to jam any wifi network in your local area network.
REST API Design, Development & Management Learn the REST API Concepts, Design best practices, Security practices, Swagger 2.0/OAI, Hands on API Management
A Proof of Concept application to download certificates for a Certificate Transparency Log
Goiabada is an OAuth2 / OpenID Connect server written in Go.
This tool it's for hackers and pentester!! To create the best hacking machine.
pw security checker/analyzer by attacking w john the ripepr and shit
Security Classification Banner based on UK Government Guidance
基于 Spring Cloud 2021 、Spring Boot 2.7、 Spring Security 的权限管理系统,提供分布式锁,接口加密,分布式日志等多个功能模块
Step-by-step guide and scripts for setting up TLS/SSL certificates for MQTT Mosquitto broker. Implementing username and password authentication for MQTT clients using Mosquitto.
Contains mutiple security tools
Hacked Client For Minecraft 1.12.2
Proof of concept cross architecture, cross operating system mod template for OpenGl powered games.
MPC-TSS is a project to demonstrate the working of our threshold signature scheme leveraging the security of X1 hardware wallet
Proof of concept (PoC) pruebas y ejemplos de ideas y aprendizaje
Security advisory data for Wolfi
Proof of concept for a graphic design site, in order to practice react, js, html and css. To get started get the code for the project put it in a folder, install NodeJS and then follow the README.
A ROM hack of Pokemon Yellow which replaces Pikachu with Cramorant, among other things. pokeyellow disassembly is used as a base.
🐛 Tracking my progress learning web hacking and bug bounty hunting
LibrePass Android Application
proof of concept
DorkStorm is the perfect tool for hacking and discovering hidden information on the internet.
This is proof of concept project using docker
A proof-of-concept ChatGPT and Hugging Face client for DOS with text-to-speech for Sound Blaster compatible systems.
Blog App REST API’s using Spring Boot, Spring Security 6, JWT, Spring Data JPA, Hibernate, MySQL
A Physarum polycephalum slime mold simulation in Python using the Pygame library. The code currently is unoptimized and brute forces the simulation but this is more of a proof of concept rather than a final product.
Security Access Groups is a REDCap External Module that allows REDCap administrators to create and manage Security Access Groups in a REDCap system.
Elastic Security Labs releases
Security-Main port for ISM.
Dataset tools for acquiring and investigating hacker news
This repo is a helpful starting point for those interested in exploring the world of Android hacking and bug bounties. The resources mentioned have personally assisted me.
A proof of concept tool for using ChatGPT to transform messy text documents into structured JSON
A proof-of-concept LCF-style interactive theorem prover for HOL(C)
WLD Site Platform, configures WordPress with additional security and features
server but also fun wuuut?!?! (also this is extremely hackable, dont use >-<)
A privacy-respecting, ad-free, self-hosted Google metasearch engine with strong security that offers full API support and utilizes Qwant for images, and DuckDuckGo for auto-complete.
Infector is a powerful virus for all andoid devices. It is created for educational Purpose.
Repeatable, immutable, and scalable security research w/ Docker
A container security tool written in Rust focusing on making security easy for compose based configurations
To be used with the Solutions Team Technology Demo Environment
Cloud-native authorization for modern applications and APIs
Signing-key abuse and update exploitation framework
This is a book reader app being built. proof of concept stage at the moment.
Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) Essential Eight - Ansible role generated from ComplianceAsCode Project
for CSU CSIE 1112 Network Security Class
Spring / React single page web application with JPA, Spring Security and H2 Database
Run your favourite pentesting tools in containers as if they were native.
A PowerShell module for acquisition of data from Microsoft 365 and Azure for Incident Response and Cyber Security purposes.
Biology (bioinformatic, biology, bio-hacking, etc) quickstarts.
Quick menu for nmap
Proof of concept for approximating linear biot poroelasticity model with some non-standard quadrature rules
A nasty collection of Go hacks.
Setup Fedora Desktop to be used for Mobile penetration testing or ethical hacking purposes. This installs the most common tools for this and can be very helpful to get you started quickly.
A small package for ASP.Net (Core) to automatically configure secure HTTP-Headers
When you deal with hundreds of IP and many domain names, you can trigger many websites related to Infosec and then do screen captures to illustrate your findings #shodan #spyse #hardenize , etc.
If you’re a beginner hacker or you want to learn hacking, you heard DoS and DDoS attack for sure!
A collection of awesome software, libraries, documents, books, resources and cool stuff about cryptography in Cybersecurity.
Some openshift hacking bits
US birth data from 2000 to 2014, as provided by the Social Security Administration.
Pentesting / cybersecurity scripts
Website of the judecoin Ecosystem project
CloudSplaining on AWS Managed Policies
PASETOrs: PASETO tokens in pure Rust
Fortify+Scala+sbt example
A humble, and fast!, security-oriented HTTP headers analyzer.
A collection of my presentations, blog posts, and other contributions to the information security community
Heimdall Enterprise Server 2 lets you view, store, and compare automated security control scan results.
Modern, privacy-friendly, and detailed web analytics that works without cookies or JS.
Websockets Proof of Concept Viewer Application
This repository contains a proof of concept (POC) implementation of a music recommendation system using item-to-item based collaborative filtering. The system is implemented in Python 3.7.
Container Image Linter for Security, Helping build the Best-Practice Docker Image, Easy to start
An evolving how-to guide for securing a Linux server.
Parse palo alto security rules from xml to csv
Proof of Concepts
💎 A decentralized World Wide Web on the Ethereum Blockchain 🌐 (Still in the Proof of Concept stage)
MPW.js is a JavaScript implementation of the Master Password App algorithm
⚓️ Product Manager @twilio - JavaScript Hacker - Hackathon Enthusiast - Public Speaker - Opinions are my own ⚓️
A free and open vulnerabilities database and the packages they impact. And the tools to aggregate and correlate these vulnerabilities. Sponsored by NLnet https://nlnet.nl/project/vulnerabilitydatabase/ for https://www.aboutcode.org/ Chat at https://gitter
Base Docker image for simpleSAMLphp
:closed_lock_with_key: Code Examples for the Web and Cloud Applications Security Course
Lightweight file permission checker
Scripts to build your own IPsec VPN server, with IPsec/L2TP, Cisco IPsec and IKEv2
Kernel Hardening; Protect Linux User Accounts against Brute Force Attacks; Improve Entropy Collection; Strong Linux User Account Separation; Enhances Misc Security Settings - https://www.kicksecure.com/wiki/Security-misc
Cowrie SSH/Telnet Honeypot https://cowrie.readthedocs.io
Android Proof of Concept Implementation
SQL powered operating system instrumentation, monitoring, and analytics.
A collection of android security related resources
Content Security Policy for Django.
CVE-2024-1810 -- The Archivist – Custom Archive Templates plugin for WordPress is vulnerable to Reflected Cross-Site Scripting via the ‘shortcode_attributes' parameter in all versions up to, and including, 1.7.5 due to insufficient input sanitization and output escaping.
CVE-2024-21501 -- Versions of the package sanitize-html before 2.12.1 are vulnerable to Information Exposure when used on the backend and with the style attribute allowed, allowing enumeration of files in the system (including project dependencies). An attacker could explo
CVE-2024-21502 -- Versions of the package fastecdsa before 2.3.2 are vulnerable to Use of Uninitialized Variable on the stack, via the curvemath_mul function in src/curveMath.c, due to being used and interpreted as user-defined type. Depending on the variable's actual valu
CVE-2024-22395 -- Improper access control vulnerability has been identified in the SMA100 SSL-VPN virtual office portal, which in specific conditions could potentially enable a remote authenticated attacker to associate another user's MFA mobile application.
CVE-2022-43842 -- IBM Aspera Console 3.4.0 through 3.4.2 is vulnerable to SQL injection. A remote attacker could send specially crafted SQL statements, which could allow the attacker to view, add, modify or delete information in the back-end database. IBM X-Force ID: 239
CVE-2023-24416 -- Improper Limitation of a Pathname to a Restricted Directory ('Path Traversal') vulnerability in Arne Franken All In One Favicon.This issue affects All In One Favicon: from n/a through 4.7.
CVE-2023-37540 -- Sametime Connect desktop chat client includes, but does not use or require, the use of an Eclipse feature called Secure Storage. Using this Eclipse feature to store sensitive data can lead to exposure of that data.
CVE-2023-4826 -- The SocialDriver WordPress theme before version 2024 has a prototype pollution vulnerability that could allow an attacker to inject arbitrary properties resulting in a cross-site scripting (XSS) attack.
CVE-2023-51392 -- Ember ZNet between v7.2.0 and v7.4.0 used software AES-CCM instead of integrated hardware cryptographic accelerators, potentially increasing risk of electromagnetic and differential power analysis sidechannel attacks.
CVE-2023-51394 -- High traffic environments may result in NULL Pointer Dereference vulnerability in Silicon Labs's Ember ZNet SDK before v7.4.0, causing a system crash.
CVE-2024-0563 -- Denial of service condition in M-Files Server in versions before 24.2 (excluding 23.2 SR7 and 23.8 SR5) allows anonymous user to cause denial of service against other anonymous users.
CVE-2024-1360 -- The Colibri WP theme for WordPress is vulnerable to Cross-Site Request Forgery in all versions up to, and including, 1.0.94. This is due to missing or incorrect nonce validation on the colibriwp_install_plugin() function. This makes it possible for unauth
CVE-2024-1361 -- The Colibri Page Builder plugin for WordPress is vulnerable to Cross-Site Request Forgery in all versions up to, and including, 1.0.253. This is due to missing or incorrect nonce validation on the apiCall() function. This makes it possible for unauthentic
CVE-2024-1362 -- The Colibri Page Builder plugin for WordPress is vulnerable to Cross-Site Request Forgery in all versions up to, and including, 1.0.253. This is due to missing or incorrect nonce validation on the cp_shortcode_refresh() function. This makes it possible fo
CVE-2024-1590 -- The Page Builder: Pagelayer – Drag and Drop website builder plugin for WordPress is vulnerable to Stored Cross-Site Scripting via the plugin's Button Widget in all versions up to, and including, 1.8.2 due to insufficient input sanitization and output esca
CVE-2024-1776 -- The Admin side data storage for Contact Form 7 plugin for WordPress is vulnerable to SQL Injection via the 'form-id' parameter in all versions up to, and including, 1.1.1 due to insufficient escaping on the user supplied parameter and lack of sufficient p
CVE-2024-1777 -- The Admin side data storage for Contact Form 7 plugin for WordPress is vulnerable to Cross-Site Request Forgery in all versions up to, and including, 1.1.1. This is due to missing or incorrect nonce validation on the settings update function. This makes i
CVE-2024-1778 -- The Admin side data storage for Contact Form 7 plugin for WordPress is vulnerable to unauthorized modification of data due to a missing capability check on the zt_dcfcf_change_bookmark() function in all versions up to, and including, 1.1.1. This makes it
CVE-2024-1779 -- The Admin side data storage for Contact Form 7 plugin for WordPress is vulnerable to unauthorized modification of data due to a missing capability check on the zt_dcfcf_change_status() function in all versions up to, and including, 1.1.1. This makes it po
CVE-2024-1781 -- A vulnerability was found in Totolink X6000R AX3000 9.4.0cu.852_20230719. It has been rated as critical. This issue affects the function setWizardCfg of the file /cgi-bin/cstecgi.cgi of the component shttpd. The manipulation leads to command injection. Th
CVE-2024-1783 -- A vulnerability classified as critical has been found in Totolink LR1200GB 9.1.0u.6619_B20230130/9.3.5u.6698_B20230810. Affected is the function loginAuth of the file /cgi-bin/cstecgi.cgi of the component Web Interface. The manipulation of the argument ht
CVE-2024-1784 -- A vulnerability classified as problematic was found in Limbas 5.2.14. Affected by this vulnerability is an unknown functionality of the file main_admin.php. The manipulation of the argument tab_group leads to sql injection. The complexity of an attack is
CVE-2024-1786 -- ** UNSUPPORTED WHEN ASSIGNED ** A vulnerability, which was classified as critical, has been found in D-Link DIR-600M C1 3.08. Affected by this issue is some unknown functionality of the component Telnet Service. The manipulation of the argument username l
CVE-2024-1817 -- A vulnerability has been found in Demososo DM Enterprise Website Building System up to 2022.8 and classified as critical. Affected by this vulnerability is the function dmlogin of the file indexDM_load.php of the component Cookie Handler. The manipulation
CVE-2024-1818 -- A vulnerability was found in CodeAstro Membership Management System 1.0 and classified as critical. Affected by this issue is some unknown functionality of the file /uploads/ of the component Logo Handler. The manipulation leads to unrestricted upload. Th
CVE-2024-1819 -- A vulnerability was found in CodeAstro Membership Management System 1.0. It has been classified as critical. This affects an unknown part of the component Add Members Tab. The manipulation of the argument Member Photo leads to unrestricted upload. It is p
CVE-2024-1820 -- A vulnerability was found in code-projects Crime Reporting System 1.0. It has been declared as critical. This vulnerability affects unknown code of the file inchargelogin.php. The manipulation of the argument email/password leads to sql injection. The att
CVE-2024-1821 -- A vulnerability was found in code-projects Crime Reporting System 1.0. It has been rated as critical. This issue affects some unknown processing of the file police_add.php. The manipulation of the argument police_name/police_id/police_spec/password leads
CVE-2024-1822 -- A vulnerability classified as problematic has been found in PHPGurukul Tourism Management System 1.0. Affected is an unknown function of the file user-bookings.php. The manipulation of the argument Full Name leads to cross site scripting. It is possible t
CVE-2024-1823 -- A vulnerability classified as critical was found in CodeAstro Simple Voting System 1.0. Affected by this vulnerability is an unknown functionality of the file users.php of the component Backend. The manipulation leads to improper access controls. The atta
CVE-2024-1824 -- A vulnerability, which was classified as critical, has been found in CodeAstro House Rental Management System 1.0. Affected by this issue is some unknown functionality of the file signing.php. The manipulation of the argument uname/password leads to sql i
CVE-2024-1825 -- A vulnerability, which was classified as problematic, was found in CodeAstro House Rental Management System 1.0. This affects an unknown part of the component User Registration Page. The manipulation of the argument address with the input <img src="1" one
CVE-2024-1826 -- A vulnerability has been found in code-projects Library System 1.0 and classified as critical. This vulnerability affects unknown code of the file Source/librarian/user/student/login.php. The manipulation of the argument username/password leads to sql inj
CVE-2024-1827 -- A vulnerability was found in code-projects Library System 1.0 and classified as critical. This issue affects some unknown processing of the file Source/librarian/user/teacher/login.php. The manipulation of the argument username/password leads to sql injec
CVE-2024-1828 -- A vulnerability was found in code-projects Library System 1.0. It has been classified as critical. Affected is an unknown function of the file Source/librarian/user/teacher/registration.php. The manipulation of the argument email/idno/phone/username leads
CVE-2024-1829 -- A vulnerability was found in code-projects Library System 1.0. It has been declared as critical. Affected by this vulnerability is an unknown functionality of the file Source/librarian/user/student/registration.php. The manipulation of the argument email/
CVE-2024-1830 -- A vulnerability was found in code-projects Library System 1.0. It has been rated as critical. Affected by this issue is some unknown functionality of the file Source/librarian/user/student/lost-password.php. The manipulation of the argument email leads to
CVE-2024-1831 -- A vulnerability, which was classified as critical, was found in SourceCodester Complete File Management System 1.0. Affected is an unknown function of the file users/index.php of the component Login Form. The manipulation of the argument username with the
CVE-2024-1832 -- A vulnerability has been found in SourceCodester Complete File Management System 1.0 and classified as critical. Affected by this vulnerability is an unknown functionality of the file /admin/ of the component Admin Login Form. The manipulation of the argu
CVE-2024-1833 -- A vulnerability was found in SourceCodester Employee Management System 1.0 and classified as critical. Affected by this issue is some unknown functionality of the file /Account/login.php. The manipulation of the argument txtusername leads to sql injection
CVE-2024-1834 -- A vulnerability was found in SourceCodester Simple Student Attendance System 1.0. It has been classified as problematic. This affects an unknown part of the file ?page=attendance&class_id=1. The manipulation of the argument class_date with the input 2024-
CVE-2024-21423 -- Microsoft Edge (Chromium-based) Information Disclosure Vulnerability
CVE-2024-22243 -- Applications that use UriComponentsBuilder to parse an externally provided URL (e.g. through a query parameter) AND perform validation checks on the host of the parsed URL may be vulnerable to a open redirect https://cwe.mitre.org/data/definitions/601.ht
CVE-2024-22776 -- Wallos 0.9 is vulnerable to Cross Site Scripting (XSS) in all text-based input fields without proper validation, excluding those requiring specific formats like date fields.
CVE-2024-22988 -- An issue in zkteco zkbio WDMS v.8.0.5 allows an attacker to execute arbitrary code via the /files/backup/ component.
CVE-2024-23320 -- Improper Input Validation vulnerability in Apache DolphinScheduler. An authenticated user can cause arbitrary, unsandboxed javascript to be executed on the server.
CVE-2024-24309 -- In the module "Survey TMA" (ecomiz_survey_tma) up to version 2.0.0 from Ecomiz for PrestaShop, a guest can download personal information without restriction.
CVE-2024-24310 -- In the module "Generate barcode on invoice / delivery slip" (ecgeneratebarcode) from Ether Creation <= 1.2.0 for PrestaShop, a guest can perform SQL injection.
CVE-2024-24681 -- Insecure AES key in Yealink Configuration Encrypt Tool below verrsion 1.2. A single, vendorwide, hardcoded AES key in the configuration tool used to encrypt provisioning documents was leaked leading to a compromise of confidentiality of provisioning docum
CVE-2024-25469 -- SQL Injection vulnerability in CRMEB crmeb_java v.1.3.4 and before allows a remote attacker to obtain sensitive information via the latitude and longitude parameters in the api/front/store/list component.
CVE-2024-25629 -- c-ares is a C library for asynchronous DNS requests. `ares__read_line()` is used to parse local configuration files such as `/etc/resolv.conf`, `/etc/nsswitch.conf`, the `HOSTALIASES` file, and if using a c-ares version prior to 1.27.0, the `/etc/hosts` f
CVE-2024-25730 -- Hitron CODA-4582 and CODA-4589 devices have default PSKs that are generated from 5-digit hex values concatenated with a "Hitron" substring, resulting in insufficient entropy (only about one million possibilities).
CVE-2024-25915 -- Server-Side Request Forgery (SSRF) vulnerability in Raaj Trambadia Pexels: Free Stock Photos.This issue affects Pexels: Free Stock Photos: from n/a through 1.2.2.
CVE-2024-25928 -- Improper Neutralization of Special Elements used in an SQL Command ('SQL Injection') vulnerability in Sitepact.This issue affects Sitepact: from n/a through 1.0.5.
CVE-2024-26150 -- `@backstage/backend-common` is a common functionality library for backends for Backstage, an open platform for building developer portals. In `@backstage/backend-common` prior to versions 0.21.1, 0.20.2, and 0.19.10, paths checks with the `resolveSafeChil
CVE-2024-27132 -- Insufficient sanitization in MLflow leads to XSS when running an untrusted recipe.
CVE-2024-27133 -- Insufficient sanitization in MLflow leads to XSS when running a recipe that uses an untrusted dataset. This issue leads to a client-side RCE when running the recipe in Jupyter Notebook. The vulnerability stems from lack of sanitization over dataset table
CVE-2024-27318 -- Versions of the package onnx before and including 1.15.0 are vulnerable to Directory Traversal as the external_data field of the tensor proto can have a path to the file which is outside the model current directory or user-provided directory. The vulnerab
CVE-2024-27319 -- Versions of the package onnx before and including 1.15.0 are vulnerable to Out-of-bounds Read as the ONNX_ASSERT and ONNX_ASSERTM functions have an off by one string copy.
Coming soon on @espn 8, "The Ocho"! -- 424f424f
-- 424f424f
LockBit #ransomware group has added Dunaway (dunaway.com) to their victim list.#USA#LockBit #cti #cyberattack #darkweb #databreach -- FalconFeedsio
NoName continues to targets Denmark.- Movia- Din Offentlige Transport- Thisted Kommune- Bornholms Lufthavn#Denmark#ddos #cti #cyberattack #threatintel -- FalconFeedsio
Group: lockbit3newApprox. Time: 12:44 25/02/24Title: dunaway.com -- RansomwareNews
Useful introduction to Linux namespaces by @quarkslabPart 1: blog.quarkslab.com/digging-i…Part 2: blog.quarkslab.com/digging-i…#Linux #infosec -- 0xor0ne
BianLian #ransomware group has added Roncelli Plastics (roncelli.com) to their victim list. #USA#BianLian #cti #darkweb #databreach #cyberattack -- FalconFeedsio
Monti #ransomware group has added Spine West (spinewest.com) to their victim list.#USA#Monti #cti #cyberattack #darkweb #databreach -- FalconFeedsio
Lockbit 3.0 in their new .onion portal announces their new victims. #Threatintel #Ransomware -- FalconFeedsio
SPY NEWS: 2024 — Week 8 dlvr.it/T3CsqW #OSINT #Medium -- osintbear
🚨 Breaking News: LockBit Rises Again!🚨🔒 Security Breach Acknowledged: LockBit confirms a major security incident with FBI accessing their servers.💻 Cause of the Breach: An outdated PHP version led to compromised data, including a database and decryptors.🛡 -- TLP_R3D
We recently had a few people ask us if we dislike CTI (Cyber Threat Intelligence) because we occasionally meme them online.No, in fact we very much like them. We enjoy reading the DFIR reports, notes and theories on how financially motived and/or state-sp -- vxunderground
The malware samples we archive are not toolkits. Please do not execute them on your machine.Thanks, -- vxunderground
LockBit has reposted several including Fulton County, Georgia claiming to have sensitive information on former President Donald Trump…@DarkWebInformer @FOX5Atlanta -- alvieriD
LockBit is back./lockbit3g3ohd3katajf6zaehxz4h4cnhmz5t735zpltywhwpc6oy3id[.]onion/lockbit375…/lockbit4lah…/lockbit6knr…/lockbit7ouv…/lockbit7pn4…/lockbit7z6m…/lockbit7z2o…/lockbit7z35…/lockbit7z36…/lockbit7z3a…/lockbit7z3d…/lockbit7z3h…/lockbit7z4b…/lockb -- alvieriD
Personal objectives:-Learn russian.-Travel to Moscow.-Talk in person with the rulers of Cybercrime. -- n4hualH
This thread below is 🏆Remember: the old and abused saying that ‘attackers need to be right once while defenders need to be right all the times’ is false ❌If you have the right combination of protection, visibility, detection and reaction capabilities acro -- aboutsecurity
Lockbit is back with a new shaming portal and they have listed FBI as their victim. #Ransomware #Threatintel -- FalconFeedsio
Little note: as you can see, after the second redaction comes "uccessful decryption". It's not that the redaction is wrong, that it is how the note looks: after the ID there is no space and the "s" is also missing from the "successful" word. Quality work. -- malwrhunterteam
Not really sure what to think about this "RADAR" ransomware gang.Only way to contact them (the "sales department") is using Skype? Sharing proofs is done with recording "a video of 5-10 files of your choice"? Etc...🤔@1ZRR4H -- malwrhunterteam
The mechanics of the job can be done by folks with general sysadmin skills, but it’s very helpful to understand how these platforms are used and what types of performance (availability, retention, speed) give you an advantage in detecting and disrupting y -- pmelson
Group: bianlianApprox. Time: 00:57 25/02/24Title: Dobrowski Stafford and Pierce -- RansomwareNews
Group: bianlianApprox. Time: 00:57 25/02/24Title: Roncelli Plastics -- RansomwareNews
Group: stormousApprox. Time: 00:57 25/02/24Title: Abelsantosyasoc.com.ar -- RansomwareNews
Group: stormousApprox. Time: 00:57 25/02/24Title: calcomp.co.th -- RansomwareNews
Group: stormousApprox. Time: 00:57 25/02/24Title: delia.pl -- RansomwareNews
Group: stormousApprox. Time: 00:57 25/02/24Title: kai.id -- RansomwareNews
Group: stormousApprox. Time: 00:57 25/02/24Title: pcmarket.uz -- RansomwareNews
Group: stormousApprox. Time: 00:57 25/02/24Title: bombaygrills.com -- RansomwareNews
4/Lastly, LockBit thinks they were hacked due to CVE-2023-3824 in PHP on their servers (unconfirmed). To prevent being hacked again, LockBit say they plan to decentralise their infrastructure, separating affiliate panels to multiple servers and to stop of -- bushidotoken
3/ LockBit also spoke about the discovery of generated nicknames used by the 194 RaaS affiliates (pics below). These are unrelated to the affiliates’ other handles on forums or messengers or their real world identities. -- bushidotoken
2/ LockBit outlined the new needs to joining their affiliate program, such as having a reputation on forums, proving “pentests with post-payment” (cybercriminal slang for ransomware attacks), or making a deposit of 2 BTC (currently $80k). -- bushidotoken
1/ LockBit boasted he does actually have over $100m from the RaaS and emphasised the importance of Bitcoin laundering, even mentioning mixers to avoid detection and arrest by LE. LockBit also tried to discredit the claims by LE and requested the TxIDs, fo -- bushidotoken
Just finished reading LockBit’s version of War and Peace 🤡TL;DR — LockBit spoke about focusing on maintaining operational resilience (with decentralisation), discrediting the FBI’s claims, and asserting its continued presence and defiance against LE inter -- bushidotoken
"YOGA.apk": 8c5ad86a039843e31e34c3500be3fb6c1d21c67dfc08f5a298125fc51340edf1 -- malwrhunterteam
A recently seen, x64 ESXi targeting included Linux version sample of Qilin ransomware: 13cda19a9bf493f168d0eb6e8b2300828017b0ef437f75548a6c50bfb4a42a09 -- malwrhunterteam
In the message, he keeps saying that the authorities got in on Feb. 19 when a pwn was done by what he assumes someone from Prodaft (also says the person "deserves an award & an honorable mention").Now my question is, he saw this screenshot or not & if he -- malwrhunterteam
Group: ransomhouseApprox. Time: 22:41 24/02/24Title: Wangkanai Group -- RansomwareNews
The LockBit ransomware gang's new blog / leak site is already operational and entries are getting added.The "leak" link for the FBI entry is pointing to the folder with the 2 .txt files I have shared above. -- malwrhunterteam
And the continuation is here: -- malwrhunterteam
The LockBit ransomware gang just published a message to the FBI both in English and Russian.What a read for sure. And now everyone can decide how much of it can be believed... -- malwrhunterteam
Group: lockbit3_fsApprox. Time: 21:53 24/02/24Title: fbi.gov -- RansomwareNews
Group: lockbit3newApprox. Time: 21:53 24/02/24Title: nationaldentex.com -- RansomwareNews
Group: lockbit3newApprox. Time: 21:53 24/02/24Title: magierp.com -- RansomwareNews
Group: lockbit3newApprox. Time: 21:53 24/02/24Title: fultoncountyga.gov -- RansomwareNews
Group: lockbit3newApprox. Time: 21:53 24/02/24Title: fbi.gov -- RansomwareNews
Group: lockbit3newApprox. Time: 21:53 24/02/24Title: equilend.com -- RansomwareNews
Group: lockbit3newApprox. Time: 21:53 24/02/24Title: crbgroup.com -- RansomwareNews
Lockbit ransomware group administrative staff have released a lengthy response to the FBI and bystanders.In summary: they claim they failed to keep their systems up-to-date because they had become 'lazy', and they had become complacent. They believe they -- vxunderground
Will Lockbit admit defeat? Will the FBI summon the energy to complete the spirit bomb? Will Lockbit call in for back up? and who is this rumored legendary Super Saiyan?! -- vxunderground
Season 2 of FBI vs Lockbit ransomware group is scheduled to premier in roughly 1 hour.Lockbit has restored their servers (new Tor domains) and is planning on making a statement to the FBI regarding last weeks takedown.Stay tuned for the next episode of Dr -- vxunderground
+ pwn.oracleservice .top on port 8080 TCP (IRC) 🔥threatfox.abuse.ch/ioc/12421… -- abuse_ch
Tsunami botnet (related to 8220 gang?) 🔥Malware payload on dw.c4kdeliver .top (Eranet 🇨🇳):🌐urlhaus.abuse.ch/host/dw.c4k…Malware payload:📄bazaar.abuse.ch/sample/96a47…C2 at fbi.su1001-2 .top (Tucows 🇺🇸):🤖threatfox.abuse.ch/ioc/12421… -- abuse_ch
"Affiliate Toolkit" thing for Redeemer ransomware: 63c7322ca5ddc5f4e629ca024f8788f57cdbae90ba9ed98913576582b80a4164 -- malwrhunterteam
Here's what Talos knows so far about #VoltTyphoon, and our recommendations for defenders, especially those protecting critical infrastructure -- talossecurity
We've updated the vx-underground Crime/Legal Ruling section. We've archived Department of Justice indictments for 2024 (so far), 2023, 2022, and 2021.Cases are formatted as follows:[date] - United States v [Person(s)] ( [Reason] ) -- vxunderground
Hello harddrive purchasers,All remaining international harddrives have been mailed, except 2 in Germany because the "ß" letter angered the post office and we have to redo the label. Oopsies. We learned the "ß" has to be written as "ss". 😡North American ha -- vxunderground
It should be noted that modification of the rules was not exclusive to ransomware. Breached also forbids:- Drug sales- Weapon sales- Violence-as-a-Service (VaaS)- Selling credit card or debit cards- Selling Real IDs or documentation- Drainers or recruitme -- vxunderground
Breached, the infamous forum where individuals buy, sell, leak, and trade data, recently made some modifications to their rules. Breached now forbids ransomware sales, recruitment, development, and ransomware-adjacent extortion.See attached image for more -- vxunderground
January 24th, 2024 RisePro, an infostealer that competes with stealers such as RedLine, had it's second iteration leaked online. It is the builder, toolkit, documentation, and proxies.We have archived it: "Win32.RisePro.b"vx-underground.org/Archive/B… -- vxunderground
.@lozaning is a nuisance to society. We gotta stop them. They've created the Toothbrush Botnet! -- vxunderground
Exploiting Linux kernel cls_tcindex network traffic classifier (CVE-2023-1829)Excellent writeup by Vu Thi Lan (@lanleft_)starlabs.sg/blog/2023/06-bre…#Linux #kernel #infosec -- 0xor0ne
Anonymous Sudan claims to have targeted UAE’s 1. Star satellite communications Company PJSC 2. Al Yah Satellite communicationsNB : The impact is unknown#Cyberattack #Threatintel #DDoS -- FalconFeedsio
El hijo del Presidente debería agradecer que sólo fue su número...Pudieron ser las escuelas de sus hijos. -- n4hualH
Hacktoria: The Spy Who Vanished dlvr.it/T3C02j #OSINT #Medium -- osintbear
Hacktoria: Where’s Klumgongyn dlvr.it/T3Bxj2 #OSINT #Medium -- osintbear
-- malwrhunterteam
Group: qilinApprox. Time: 16:40 24/02/24Title: gcherrera.com -- RansomwareNews
Group: qilinApprox. Time: 16:40 24/02/24Title: kinematica.ch -- RansomwareNews
In the thread below, @nas_bench illustrates that many threats highlighted by @HuntressLabs during the current #ScreenConnect exploitation could have easily been detected using our open-source Sigma rules.We’re taking this opportunity to remind our users t -- cyb3rops
-- DrunkBinary
RansomHub #ransomware group has added Farmacia AL SHEFA FARM (al-shefafarm.ro) to their victim list.#Romania#RansomHub #cti #cyberattack #darkweb #databreach -- FalconFeedsio
f01909eee3dec5474a5a845deea3f8fb5502ac006f65060a7e945f91c966e266 -- malwrhunterteam
Group: montiApprox. Time: 14:40 24/02/24Title: Spine West -- RansomwareNews
"To breach the domain controller, the threat actor adjusted their strategy. They introduced a new PowerShell script onto a workstation and executed it, which was a PowerShell implementation of SystemBC." -- TheDFIRReport
Humanity is losing intelligence. -- 424f424f
These games look amazing..thefloridamangames.com/ -- 424f424f
Looking forward to this with SANS — We will talk all about the LockBit takedown & what we can learn from the multi-year international Operation Cronos task force investigation.Plus, there’ll be some updates on our SANS #FOR589 course that the author team -- bushidotoken
CL0P #ransomware group has added Bradshaw Medical (bradshaw-medical.com) to their victim list.#USA#CL0P #cti #cyberattack #darkweb #databreach -- FalconFeedsio
Qilin #ransomware group has added 2 new victims to their #darkweb portal.- GCHerrera 🇪🇨- Kinematica AG 🇨🇭#Ecuador #Switzerland#qilin #cti #darkweb #databreach #cyberattack -- FalconFeedsio
9b5f1ec1ca04344582d1eca400b4a21dfff89bc650aba4715edd7efb089d8141"~~~ LockBit 4.0 Ransomware since 2024~~~"😂 -- malwrhunterteam
Group: ransomhubApprox. Time: 13:39 24/02/24Title: AL SHEFA FARM -- RansomwareNews
Group: alphvApprox. Time: 13:39 24/02/24Title: Worthen Industries [FULL DATA] -- RansomwareNews
We published more research this week on a massive Russian APT -- talossecurity
This entry in "On the Radar" explores why it's nearly impossible to boil down the severity of a vulnerability to one number -- talossecurity
Ukraine says it has downed second Russian A-50 spy plane in weeks (worth approx. $150m-$200m) 🇺🇦 Slava!bbc.com/news/world-europe-68… -- bushidotoken
PLAY #ransomware group has added Welch's (welchs.com) to their victim list. #USA#play #darkweb #databreach #cyberattack #threatintel -- FalconFeedsio
BTJA Dark Web Operations OSINT Challenge (Capstone)! dlvr.it/T3BPNK #OSINT #Medium -- osintbear
Interesting short reading on MTE (Memory Tagging Extensions) and its usage in PartitionAlloc, Ptmalloc and ScudoCredits @DarkNavyOrgdarknavy.org/blog/strengthen…#mte #infosec #cybersecurity -- 0xor0ne
Hunters International #ransomware group has added IJM Corporation (ijm.com) to their victim list. #Malaysia#HuntersInternational #cyberattack #darkweb #cti #databreach -- FalconFeedsio
🚨 New group detected! 🚨 We've identified a new DDOS for hire group named InfraShutdown. The group claims to have targeted ISPs in Chad, Uganda, Poland, Israel, South Africa, Djibouti, etc. They were promoted by Anonymous Sudan. #DDOS #ThreatIntel #Cyberat -- FalconFeedsio
RansomHouse #ransomware group has added Rapid Granulator (rapidgranulator.com) to their victim list. #Sweden#RansomHouse #databreach #cti #darkweb #cyberattack -- FalconFeedsio
ALPHV #ransomware group has added Family Health Center (fhckzoo.com) to their victim list. #USA#alphv #cyberattack #databreach #darkweb -- FalconFeedsio
On 2024-02-09, I saw #KeyholeVNC traffic from a #Latrodectus infection. I previously saw Keyhole VNC from #IcedID (#Bokbot) and #BazarLoader back when those two malware families were active. Here's a screenshot taken from decoded VNC traffic on 2024-02-09 -- malware_traffic
The #ContactForms campaign uses website contact forms to send messages impersonating copyright infringement notices (formerly called the #StolenImages campaign). Currently, links go to a fake Azure page that returns a JavaScript (.js file) to install #La -- malware_traffic
2024-02-09, 02-22 and 02-23: Data dump for #Latrodectus malware infections from #ContactForms campaign. #pcap files, malware samples, and IOCs available at malware-traffic-analysis.net…Latrodectus (BLACKWIDOW) took over for #IcedID (#Bokbot) late last yea -- malware_traffic
Apparently on LinkedIn Lockbit, ALPHV, and HIVE are actually all the same group -- vxunderground
Cactus #ransomware group has added Remkes The Poultry Family (remkes.nl) to their victim list. #Netherlands#cactus #darkweb #databreach #cyberattack -- FalconFeedsio
This place is becoming a ghost town. Really quite sad to see Twitter wither. -- nullcookies
Hi there—Bad Domain’s back and grumpier than ever. Here’s my latest album, Aurora. Enjoy.baddomain.bandcamp.com/album… -- nullcookies
Increased visibility into the TTPs of Chinese hackers is one of the outcomes of the data leaks affecting Chinese IT company i-Soon (aka Auxun). Our observations link leaked texts to two Chinese-affiliated APTs. bit.ly/4bRiSu4 -- unit42_intel
"Thanks for calling AT&T how can China connect you?" -- hackerfantastic
What year is it? -- hackerfantastic
492ac25608dda01b3f776b46a7631bb8cd91a0ce0168931ec5bb9a846e702e39 -- malwrhunterteam
test for issue 44 dlvr.it/T39TbH #OSINT #Medium -- osintbear
HRC and U.N. Human Rights launch Berkeley Protocol dlvr.it/T39Tb1 #OSINT #Medium -- osintbear
OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) Açık Kaynak İstihbaratı dlvr.it/T39TZZ #OSINT #Medium -- osintbear
Group: playApprox. Time: 23:37 23/02/24Title: Welch's -- RansomwareNews
-- vxunderground
I've processed @HuntressLabs' awesome report on post-exploitation activities observed in relation to the #ScreenConnect vulnerability and created 15 YARA rulesReporthuntress.com/blog/slashandgr… Rulesgithub.com/Neo23x0/signature…(I've put the @thor_scanne -- cyb3rops
"rustercoin.pdf.lnk": fa12c39db075c3724509b82bbbb066475046fc87ddf034892d633dc184c2b8e5Next stage (opendir): https://rustercoin[.]com/rustercoin😂 -- malwrhunterteam
How Can You Collect Information From Target in Hacking? dlvr.it/T39LgW #OSINT #Medium -- osintbear
Group: huntersApprox. Time: 21:45 23/02/24Title: IJM Corporation -- RansomwareNews
Group: alphvApprox. Time: 21:45 23/02/24Title: Family Health center -- RansomwareNews
Want to learn how to recover more credentials than just Kerberos tickets from LSASS without accessing its memory? Join @mcbroom_evan at SO-CON 2024 for his talk "LSA Whisperer" to learn how!Learn more 👉 specterops.io/so-con -- specterops
We moved the @HuntressLabs YARA rule & some of our own into my open source repo, which is used for THOR Lite⚡️& THOR Cloud Lite 🌩️> use use these free tools to perform compromise assessments on your hosts ✅github.com/Neo23x0/signature…THOR Cloud Litethorc -- cyb3rops
Microsoft must be proudly hosting this @MetaMask phishing: https://metamasks.azurewebsites[.]net/🤷‍♂️ -- malwrhunterteam
Another: https://web-ttrezoer.azurewebsites[.]net/ -- malwrhunterteam
Microsoft must be proudly hosting this @Trezor phishing: https://trezaorsuitewalle.azurewebsites[.]net/🤷‍♂️ -- malwrhunterteam
Dark Web Introduction 101 dlvr.it/T39CQJ #OSINT #Medium -- osintbear
Group: cactusApprox. Time: 18:43 23/02/24Title: remkes.nl\$31.4M\Netherlands\190GB\&lt;1%DISCLOSED -- RansomwareNews
Group: ransomhouseApprox. Time: 18:43 23/02/24Title: Rapid Granulator -- RansomwareNews
Great writeup by @0vercl0k on pwning a TP-Link AC1750 (Pwn2Own 2021)Couple years old but still a good read for anyone interested in consumer routers securitydoar-e.github.io/blog/2022/0…#iot #cybersecurity -- 0xor0ne
Introduction by @linode to Linux red teaming basic techniquesExploitation: linode.com/docs/guides/linux…Escalation: linode.com/docs/guides/linux…Persistence: linode.com/docs/guides/linux…#Linux #cybersecurity -- 0xor0ne
One of the final LockBit assets that has not been seized, LockBit Leaked is showing some signs of life. /lockbit7… -- alvieriD
Monti #ransomware group has added APEX GmbH (apexspedition.de) to their victim list.#Germany#Monti #cti #cyberattack #darkweb #databreach -- FalconFeedsio
-- malwrhunterteam
Microsoft must be proudly hosting this @exodus_io phishing: https://exodislogn.azurewebsites[.]net/🤷‍♂️ -- malwrhunterteam
-- malwrhunterteam
Con su declaración del día de hoy, el Presidente, sin quererlo, le dió el espaldarazo a la marcha del fin de semana pasado. -- n4hualH
5/xLa filtración del día de hoy por parte del mismo actor de amenazas contra otra dependencia, anula por completo la versión oficial dada por el Gobierno. -- n4hualH
4/xPor supuesto, esta afirmación fue criticada por la comunidad de ciberseguridad por carecer de sentido, ya que "m1000" llevaba activo casi un año en el foro al momento de la filtración, habiendo subido leaks del sector público y privado. -- n4hualH
3/xLo interesante de todo esto, es que cuando el gobierno informó de la filtración antes mencionada, argumentó que había sido obra de un ex trabajador que aún tenía las "credenciales de acceso" y que por eso había accedido al sistema. -- n4hualH
2/xLa filtración fue realizada por el usuario "m1000" famoso por haber filtrado la base de datos de los periodistas asistentes a las conferencias matutinas del Ejecutivo. -- n4hualH
1/xEl día de hoy, @victor_ruiz reportó la filtración de datos relacionados al sector salud, que contiene 5 millones de registros. -- n4hualH
A Novel Approach to 802.11 Probe Request Analysis, Part III dlvr.it/T38wsv #OSINT #Medium -- osintbear
Learn how you can use BHE to find and fix Active Directory misconfigurations that could allow attackers to easily own your entire enterprise. Check out @JustinKohler10's conversation with @riskybusiness ➡️ ghst.ly/3HQc3eB -- specterops
The evolution of threat actor tactics is detailed in the 2024 Unit 42 Incident Response Report. We summarize the details of our findings here: bit.ly/3T0BsbM -- unit42_intel
This week has been fundamentally similar to HBO's Game of Thrones.It started off strong, had a wonderful plot and development. It had twists, turns, cool cameo appearances. Then it suddenly ended and you say, "what the fuck is that" -- vxunderground
Challenges Remain in Evaluating Ransomware Crackdowns decipher.sc/challenges-remai… #decipher #deciphersec -- DecipherSec
MEDUSA #ransomware group has added 2 new victims to their #darkweb portal.- Acorn Property Group 🇬🇧- Pressco Technology 🇺🇸#UK #USA#medusa #cti #darkweb #databreach #cyberattack -- FalconFeedsio
NoName claims to have targeted multiple websites in Denmark.- Danske bank- Sydbank- BankInvest#Denmark#ddos #cti #cyberattack #threatintel -- FalconFeedsio
The comments about Nokia 3310 and comparison to industrial control systems were painful, this is what happens when civil servants push policy changes that favored biased technical output from its bubble sphere of trusted providers. You get a government di -- hackerfantastic
Check out this unfunny comedy show, where the UK government shows how disconnected their so-called hacker experts are. Repair shops have been and always will be, hotbeds of malicious activity, the bulk of phishing kits sold are for iCloud activation phish -- hackerfantastic
original and translation -- Hexacorn
"SexArchive - RUSSIA.apk": 73f10ce583f3ce6336809b5e00e7578aa9c65369f86209a0e287298d28b26dcb -- malwrhunterteam
Estarán contratando?Quiero ganar experiencia en psyops. -- n4hualH
Behind a Secretive Global Network of Non-consensual Deepfake Pornography dlvr.it/T38gfP #bellingcat -- osintbear
Group: medusaApprox. Time: 15:45 23/02/24Title: Acorn -- RansomwareNews
Group: medusaApprox. Time: 15:45 23/02/24Title: Pressco Technology -- RansomwareNews
Group: bianlianApprox. Time: 14:38 23/02/24Title: H*********** *********y ********** -- RansomwareNews
ICYMI: You can catch @Praga_Prag & @synth_nic0's webinar from yesterday on demand now! Get the scoop on some of the techniques used by adversaries to gain & sustain access within a domain & hear about effective recovery strategies. 👀: ghst.ly/3HE1wDl -- specterops
This report is filled with exceptional graphics that not only illustrate our findings but also enhance your reading experience.The analysts have dedicated countless hours to meticulously detail every aspect of this report.We hope you enjoy it! -- TheDFIRReport
#CVE20241708 and #CVE20241709 affect remote desktop app #ScreenWise. These new vulnerabilities, scored 8.4 and 10 in severity, were disclosed by parent company ConnectWise this week. Read on for mitigation steps and more: bit.ly/49pfncK -- unit42_intel
Dive into Unit 42’s 2024 Incident Response Report with CTO @mikesiko in this episode of Threat Vector. Unearth insights on the emerging cyber threats, novel tactics, and how AI is reshaping the cybersecurity landscape. bit.ly/49oEKeL -- unit42_intel
We've updated this article with information from CISA as well as new product protections. -- unit42_intel
We asked Lockbit ransomware group administration their thoughts on this past week.Lockbit ransomware group said they will make formal reply to law enforcement once they're finished restoring their infrastructureALPHV said: "My Mercedes drives Lockbit" -- vxunderground
finance.sina.cn/usstock/hlwg… -- 58_158_177_102
cuife.cn/ -- 58_158_177_102
shutd0wn(吴) and Wang(王) run another company.This combination is same as i-SOON. -- 58_158_177_102
If you need to discover malware infrastructure using censys,See this article for queries and techniques you can use to track malware infrastructure.censys.com/a-beginners-guide…@embee_research#OSINT #investigation #cybersecurity #intelligence #threatintel -- DailyOsint
Can't attend on Tuesday? Register anyway - we'll email you a link to watch the recording later so you don't miss out: intezer.com/webinar-cyber-wa…#cybersecurity #incidentresponse #securityoperations -- IntezerLabs
That "pycryptoconf-1.0.6-py3-none-any.whl" sample is still available here after ~4 months: https://files.pythonhosted[.]org/packages/7c/c3/3ed47954065d5c80a0b0b6ca7c18555b23d189ef5b1b565fd93baff21c28/pycryptoconf-1.0.6-py3-none-any.whl -- malwrhunterteam
Looking at the relations of "__init__.py" which was mentioned by @ShadowChasing1 (nitter.net/ShadowChasing1/s…), we can find some more samples, including "pycryptoconf-1.0.6-py3-none-any.whl": 6bba8f488c23a0e0f753ac21cd83ddeac5c4d14b70d4426d7cdeebdf813a10 -- malwrhunterteam
Of course they could not say it already that time, because you know, marketing...🤷‍♂️ -- malwrhunterteam
The Sword of Damocles: Understanding the Threat of Known Exploited Vulnerabilities dlvr.it/T38Tw9 #OSINT #Medium -- osintbear
Group: montiApprox. Time: 13:43 23/02/24Title: APEX - apexspedition.de -- RansomwareNews
Are you ready for the new #NIS2 standards in the European Union? In this week's episode of Talos Takes, we look at what these standards are, exactly, and the best place to start for organizations of all sizes cs.co/6010noBd4 -- talossecurity
On Monday when the Lockbit ransomware group website was seized by FBI, NCA UK, and EUROPOL, they made a post titled "Who is Lockbitsupp?" - this post indicated that law enforcement could potentially unveil key leadership behind the organization.During the -- vxunderground
SentinelLabs and ClearSky Cyber Security have been tracking the activities of a suspected Russia-aligned influence operation network named Doppelgänger. sentinelone.com/labs/doppelg… @LabsSentinel @ClearskySec -- 780thC
Try advanced malware analysis for FREE 🎁💻 Analyze files or links and get the first results in 5 sec👾 Browse our 6M database of #malware samples🕵️ Use #ChatGPT for deeper insightsRegister for free 👉 app.any.run/#register?utm_so… -- anyrun_app
ALPHV #ransomware group has added ANDFLA (andfla.ro) to their victim list.#Romania#alphv #cti #cyberattack #darkweb #databreach -- FalconFeedsio
fake website @Namecheap (thanks) -- JAMESWT_MHT
Bit of a waste of a morning! Police teased all week that they would release the identity of LockBit's head honcho today. 31,000 people visited the darknet page with a countdown timer to be met with.... a cat cartoon... -- joetidy
Ahhhhhh man. That was a bit (a lot) of an anticlimax. But looks like the infamous LockbitSupp kingpin is cooperating with cops so that could be interesting. -- joetidy
So, here is the "Who is LockbitSupp?" update.😂"LockbitSupp has engaged with Law Enforcement :) "🤔 -- malwrhunterteam
Group: alphvApprox. Time: 10:43 23/02/24Title: ANDFLA SRL -- RansomwareNews
#ROKRAT #APT37 #APT #IOCIMG_20240214_0001.pdf.lnk515194ef77fbbe04845de290eefd0049 -- suyog41
HavocFévrier 2024 - PLV 83 - rayon BVP.docxe0ed1d4f29a683f5fb13815f5c07a91fplan_merch_fevrier_S8_2024.pdf.lnkfedb108d683907719589931e7480d042dropbox.ps1085fb0dc9ed80368eeebc623a91f40f6gsvc.exe593ece2df3b37238fe68c36d0b9ba074C2212.47.244[.]109#Havoc #IOC -- suyog41
XWorm V5.2 64798bc9d1a0f9de0229e581aae05d86#XWorm #IOC -- suyog41
In a shocking revelation, it turns out LockbitSupp was run by this adorable, evil-looking cat! -- vxunderground
Here are the current Boris Bailbonds of Vegas extended odds for the first to post the identity of LockBitSup at 7am est:@vxunderground 2 to 1 favorites@SOSIntel 8 to 1@Cyberknow20 20 to 1@DarkWebInformer 25 to 1@H4ckManac 33 to 1@malwrhunterteam 100 to 1 -- alvieriD
Google added a new security feature to Chrome in v122, released this week.It's inspired by Edge's Super Duper Secure Mode and works by disabling V8 JIT, a source of many zero-days and vulnerabilities.More newsletter details here: mastodon.social/@campusco -- campuscodi
🚨Attention all followers! 🚨In the past 30 days alone, there have been a staggering 364 ransomware incidents, with Lockbit 3.0 emerging as the most active threat actor. Shockingly, the Buildings and Constructions industry has been hit the hardest.Stay info -- FalconFeedsio
"іⅼ tսο ассоսոt è а rіѕсhіο ⅾі ѕοѕреոѕіоոе"#phishing #bank #italy@BancoBPMSpahttps://yerzisukka.bubbleapps[.io/https://favtqgbfht.cfolks[.pl/bpm/bpm/ -- JAMESWT_MHT
😂 -- malwrhunterteam
Just saw that the CEO of this "NicNames" is the founder of @nic_ua. If I would have domains at @nic_ua, this would be the moment when I would start looking for another registrar to move my domains to, immediately.🤷‍♂️ -- malwrhunterteam
Sekoia.io researchers provide an overview of the evolution of Scattered Spider, its modus operandi and the toolset leveraged over recent years. Additionally, they look into the TTPs, the latest ongoing campaigns and their current targets. blog.sekoia.io/s -- virusbtn
Aqua Nautilus researchers analyse a Lucifer DDoS botnet campaign targeting Apache Hadoop & Apache Druid. The attacker exploits existing misconfigurations and vulnerabilities to execute the attacks. aquasec.com/blog/lucifer-ddo… -- virusbtn
SentinelLabs & ClearSky Cyber Security look into a Russia-aligned influence operation network. Doppelgänger spreads propaganda & disinformation through news articles focused on current socio-economic & geopolitical topics relevant to the general populatio -- virusbtn
Today the FBI, NCA UK, and EUROPOL, partnering with Chainalysis, revealed information on Lockbit ransomware group money flow.The following data was retrieved from July, 2022 - February 2024. Lockbit was first observed in late 2019. This analysis only cove -- vxunderground
Introduction to stack spoofing techniques (Windows, x64)Credits @d_tranmandtsec.us/2023-09-15-StackSpo…#infosec #cybersecurity #windows -- 0xor0ne
Crypto analysis is in over $113 million in LockBit Bitcoin frozen. They have the ransomed company number only representing an 18 month total btw. -- alvieriD
Operation Cronos retrieved over 30,000 Bitcoin addresses with 500 active holding over 2,200 BTC or approximately $113,000,000 from LockBit and affiliates. -- alvieriD
8BASE #ransomware has added C&J Industries (cjindustries.com) to their victim list. #USA#8base #databreach #cti #cyberattack -- FalconFeedsio
Looks like the cops are teasing us. Originally this post was going to be up at 7am… -- joetidy
As they promised, the "Lockbit Crypto" update is here.The "Who is LockbitSupp?" entry also should get published at the same time as that, but instead of published, the waiting time got extended by 5 hours.🤔 -- malwrhunterteam
⚠️ In this Week's Intelligence Update: Global Law Enforcement Operation Successfully Disrupts LockBit Ransomware | AI Technologies To Fuel Disinformation Risks On 2024 Elections. bit.ly/3uSELIO#ThreatIntelligence #Cybersecurity #LockBit #AI #Elections2024 -- QuoIntelligence
🧬+ Recent InfoBlackBerry JP: blogs.blackberry.com/ja/jp/2…Mikhail:nitter.net/500mk500/status/…CyberTeam: -- RexorVc0
#IOC7bea8ea83d5b4fe5985172dbb4fa146804e9ce276b3cd75fc2b20b9b33080f7efbc352200d4a5d4d79742b7fd862165b92612dc223e8f0656512cd882d66f78bhttp://dns-mofgovbt.ddns[.]net/update/http://microsoftupdte.redirectme[.]net/update🔗VT: virustotal.com/graph/embed/g… -- RexorVc0
#TTP 📩[T1566.001] Spear-Phishing📜[T1059.005] Mal VBS⚓️[T1053] Tasks to persist❌[T1070.004] Delete prev files📸[T1057] Check proc to Anti-Analysis🔎[T1082] Discover device info🧩[T1027] Encode info (B64+XOR)📡[T1071] C&C communication -- RexorVc0
#APT #SideWinder #RattleSnake #BabyElephant #threat #malware📍🇮🇳💥🇧🇹🇲🇲🇳🇵🌏⛓️ #Phishing > Doc (Macro) > #VBS in Startup > Check Net > Drop fake svchost.exe > Obtain Info > Encode > #C2🔗360 Advanced Threat Research: mp.weixin.qq.com/s?__biz=MzU… -- RexorVc0
Meanwhile there is a Lockbit impersonator on Telegram scamming people out of $150 😂😂😂 -- vxunderground
We stayed up to 2am for the FBI / NCA UK / EUROPOL "Who is LockbitSupp?" reveal.They extended the deadline 😡😡😡 -- vxunderground
Akira #ransomware group has added Quik Pawn Shop (quikpawnshop.com) to their victim list. #USA#akira #darkweb #databreach #cyberattack -- FalconFeedsio
OSINT Unleashed: Top 10 Search Operators You Need To Know dlvr.it/T37VR4 #OSINT #Medium -- osintbear
Reading again the jewels of Sci-Fi literature, I just notice how the "Information Control and Manipulation" it's such a core concept in their narratives.What do you think @DecryptedTech? -- n4hualH
OldTweetDeck: An Alternative to X Pro dlvr.it/T37JPX #OSINT #Medium -- osintbear
Boosting @gh0stbrain .. Aspiring pentester -- 424f424f
Play Ransomware allegedly gamifies Welch’s.Welch’s plant in Erie was attacked halting production early in February which the company confirmed on Friday.The Erie, Pennsylvania plant is their largest and makes 280 different juices, jams and jellies. @Welch -- alvieriD
Play Ransomware allegedly gamifies Welch’s.Welch’s largest plant in Erie was attacked and confirmed by the company on Friday.The Erie, Pennsylvania plant makes 280 different juices, jams and jellies. @Welchs -- alvieriD
Is this @LastWeekTonight's effort to remove all the weird ads -- DrunkBinary
AI rewrites history book... -- hackerfantastic
Bad Domain’s second album, Aurora, should be complete in a few days. It’s an album about grief.I’d describe it as darkwave shoegaze. -- nullcookies
Group: 8baseApprox. Time: 01:57 23/02/24Title: C and J Industries, Inc. -- RansomwareNews
My blog summarizing my findings is here: -- bushidotoken
New Blog! Lessons from the iSOON Leaksblog.bushidotoken.net/2024/0… -- bushidotoken
My iSOON analysis blog is nearly ready, sharing soon -- bushidotoken
From #phishing to #ransomware to #APT groups — dynamic link library hijacking is ubiquitous. This article defines how it works and deconstructs numerous examples using observed campaigns. bit.ly/49GJYlS#DLLhijacking -- unit42_intel
This article focuses on Glupteba and a previously unreported feature, a UEFI bootkit. Researchers explore a recent campaign that delves into this botnet, from Glupteba’s pay-per-install ecosystem, its infection chain, how the #bootkit works and more. bit. -- unit42_intel
LockBit returns. -- hackerfantastic
Group: playApprox. Time: 23:40 22/02/24Title: W???h? -- RansomwareNews
Today UnitedHealth Group, a large health insurance provider in the United States, submitted an SEC Form 8K - they've been compromised.The report does not indicate who is responsible for the attack.More information: sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/… -- vxunderground
I’m thrilled to announce a new partnership between @BlackBerry & @SANSInstitute: We are working together to provide advanced technology and training to help grow and upskill #Malaysia’s #cybersecurity workforce, as well as make the Indo-Pacific region mor -- aboutsecurity
#0day #QNAP #QTS / #QuTS Hero Unauthenticated Remote #CodeExecution #Exploit #RCE 0day.today/exploit/descripti… -- inj3ct0r
#0day #CMSMadeSimple 2.2.19 Remote #CodeExecution #Vulnerability #RCE 0day.today/exploit/descripti… -- inj3ct0r
#0day #CMSMadeSimple 2.2.19 Cross Site Scripting #Vulnerability #XSS 0day.today/exploit/descripti… -- inj3ct0r
#0day #CMSMadeSimple 2.2.19 Server-Side Template #Injection #Vulnerability 0day.today/exploit/descripti… -- inj3ct0r
#0day #Dotclear 2.29 Cross Site Scripting #Vulnerability #XSS 0day.today/exploit/descripti… -- inj3ct0r
#0day #SitePad 1.8.2 Cross Site Scripting #Vulnerability #XSS 0day.today/exploit/descripti… -- inj3ct0r
e84c050d38730a0bf098476cc6a167f9944521a0e4e1beedb2dab331a166fc52What's going on in the VT comments of this sample?🤔 -- malwrhunterteam
This is your reminder to register for our ATD training at SO-CON 2024! Course architect @v3r5ace shares what you can expect, including our detection engineering methodology & the role of detection engineering in a well-functioning SOC. ⬇️Learn more: ghst. -- specterops
We had a real chance at love. A mystery woman offered us $600/week. All we did is ask for the malware and she blocked us:( -- vxunderground
LockBit ransomware attacks continue.There is more work to do. -- alvieriD
Samples 👇bazaar.abuse.ch/sample/82f63…bazaar.abuse.ch/sample/d6788…bazaar.abuse.ch/sample/aedc7…bazaar.abuse.ch/sample/4552e… -- Cryptolaemus1
distrohttps://workstatpasing.]com/Nationwide_Serviceshttps://workstatpasing.]com/onmicrosoftc2'shttps://osakaimchk.]comhttps://carritosdelacompra.]comhttps://propertystats.]nethttps://www.erasnetwork.]euhttps://www.marioagozzino.]it(2/3) 👇 -- Cryptolaemus1
#WikiLoader - #TA544 - .pdf > url > .zip > .js > .js > .dll wscript invoice 22-2-2024.jswscript on.jsC:\Users\Admin\AppData\Local\Temp\npp.8.6.portable.x64\notepad.exe (sideload)👇\npp.8.6.portable.x64\plugins\mimeTools.dll(1/3) 👇IOC'sgithub.com/pr -- Cryptolaemus1
Has America tried turning DNS on and off again? Usually works for us. -- hackerfantastic
Now you'll be able to easily investigate further into your alerts that are triaged and escalated by the Autonomous SOC platform, securely interacting with risky websites in a virtual session. -- IntezerLabs
^That quick example of shows a phishing webpage loading in the virtual browsing session, to securely interact with the CAPTCHA and get to the page impersonating a Microsoft login screen to steal user credentials. -- IntezerLabs
Interactive Browsing is here!Less than 1 min to select the URL from your Ingested Alerts or History page, click to launch an interactive session, then start investigating and securely interacting with the website in a virtual browser.piped.video/watch?v=s -- IntezerLabs
Dear @mozilla You're getting to be just as bad as all the others #telemetry -- james_inthe_box
I cavi non si vedono 😅AudioQuest powerquest 505 😬 -- JAMESWT_MHT
"FLAT_MACHINERY": 4d3c94dea622c1bf3c203c6c558be9a95913a3e6f80b7881576dbb8a114335403.77.201[.]228 -- malwrhunterteam
🚨ONE WEEK LEFT to take advantage of special pricing for SO-CON 2024! Join us in Arlington, VA to discover cutting edge insights, learn comprehensive skills & network with industry peers. Learn more ➡️ specterops.io/so-con -- specterops
Reverse engineering of AES protected USB flash drivesExcellent research @matthiasdeegblog.syss.com/posts/hacking-…blog.syss.com/posts/hacking-…#hardware #infosec #aes -- 0xor0ne
For anyone interested in learning Windows binary reverse engineering, these are excellent resources by Alexandre Borges (@ale_sp_brazil)Article 01: exploitreversing.files.wordp…Article 02: exploitreversing.files.wordp…#infosec #windows -- 0xor0ne
Imagine key logging someone via their neural synapse before they even type the letter 🧠 🔐 -- bushidotoken
"I feel like people are sleeping on the blast radius of this. One server could have eighty or a hundred organizations managed for remote support." @kylehanslovan @huntressLabsCritical ScreenConnect Flaw Under Active Exploitation decipher.sc/critical-scree -- DecipherSec
Conspiracy Theorist Checklist:EMP ✅Obama ✅"Our Enemies" ✅Critical Infrastructure ✅ -- DrunkBinary
Always humbled to receive awards from @AV_Comparatives #whatateam kaspersky.com/blog/kaspersky… -- e_kaspersky
Akira #ransomware group has added PEER Consultants (peercpc.com) to their victim list.#USA#akira #cti #cyberattack #darkweb #databreach -- FalconFeedsio
😂 -- malwrhunterteam
Ultimate OSINT Resources dlvr.it/T36Mvl #OSINT #Medium -- osintbear
Group: qilinApprox. Time: 17:43 22/02/24Title: unique-relations.at -- RansomwareNews
Group: akiraApprox. Time: 16:48 22/02/24Title: Quik Pawn Shop -- RansomwareNews
Thank you for the recursive notifications, @Ichiki9137, @iluvwerewolves_, @Irontroll2, @Benito_Llan, @reenz0h, @Bob_Kelso_MD, @Sunwingg, @0x6D6172636F. You nerds are a bunch of jackasses, y'know that? -- vxunderground
Our latest episode of Beers with Talos is live now, covering all things #VoltTyphoon. Check out what we know about this threat actor, why they've been in the news recently, and advice for critical infrastructure defenders cs.co/6012nclPn -- talossecurity
You have been ripped off by scammers..? Or you'd like to report any scam or investment platform you encounter. Get in touch with our team of experts who will work together to get your money back. We're winning always. #BTC #phishing #crypto #scam #Hacked -- BAWAHACKS
Snapchat is the easiest app to get hacked ,text me now if you want to get any Snapchat account hacked #hacked #snapchat #snapchatdown #snapchatleak #hackaccount #hackinginquiry #phishing #hacker #hacked -- DarrylHack
Snapchat is the easiest app to get hacked ,text me now if you want to get any Snapchat account hacked #hacked #snapchat #snapchatdown #snapchatleak #hackaccount #hackinginquiry #phishing #hacker #hacked -- DarrylHack
@RoyalMail #phishing -- DryCerealThief
强制密码过期是有助于还是损害您的密码安全性? #DataSecurity #Privacy#100DaysOfCode #CloudSecurity#MachineLearning #Phishing #Ransomware #Cybersecurity #CyberAttack #DataProtection#DataBreach #Hacked #Infosec -- ogbu_tools
A nice white paper on various MS Teams attack vectors in the context of phishing messages🎣up.nttdata.com/l/970163/2024…#infosec #cybersecurity #pentest #redteam #phishing #microsoft #windows -- r1cksec
strange ways emproyees can ( accidently ) expose data bit.ly/3M633Dj #DataSecurity #Privacy #100DaysOfCode #CloudSecurity #Machine Learning #Phishing #Ransomware #Cybersecurity #CyberAttack #DataProtection #DataBreach #Hacked #Infosec !! #euro -- BAWAHACKS
#CyberAlerts Cofense Intelligence uncovers an advanced campaign in the Oil and Gas industry, deploying the sophisticated Rhadamanthys Stealer. Read More: cybermaterial.com/oil-and-ga…#Malware #Stealer #OilandGas #Infostealer #Phishing -- Cybermaterial_
Hablemos de... Ciberseguridad 🔐💻🔐#Ciberseguridad #phishing #CyberSecurity -- dacmosgroup
Text me now for any hacking or bypass Active 24/7#anyomous#sadapwhatsapphack #hackinstagrammurah#facebook #hackerstayaway #hackingout#accounthacking #mobilehacking #hackgmail#hacksnapchat #blackhathacker #hackerindia #phishing #Phish #Hackedgmail -- Ethical_hackz1
🎣 Do you know the common pitfalls that could compromise your email security? Dive into this essential guide revealing actionable dos and don'ts for a bulletproof strategy: hubs.la/Q02lZ3yg0#IRONSCALES #emailsecurity #phishing -- IRONSCALES
strange ways emproyees can ( accidently ) expose data bit.ly/3M633Dj #DataSecurity #Privacy #100DaysOfCode #CloudSecurity #Machine Learning #Phishing #Ransomware #Cybersecurity #CyberAttack #DataProtection #DataBreach #Hacked #Infosec !! #euro -- jerrysmithhackz
强制密码过期是有助于还是损害您的密码安全性? #DataSecurity #Privacy#100DaysOfCode #CloudSecurity#MachineLearning #Phishing #Ransomware #Cyber​​security #Cyber​​Attack #DataProtection#DataBreach #Hacked #Infosec -- jerrysmithhackz
Employees are the main targets of phishing attacks, which can lead to serious compliance concerns when PII and other sensitive information is exposed. Contact us today!#compliance #phishing #compliancetraining #MatadorNetworks -- matadornetworks
Ransomware associated with LockBit still spreading 2 days after server takedown buff.ly/3wk63rZ#DataSecurity #Privacy #Phishing #Ransomware #Cybersecurity #CyberAttack #DataProtection #DataBreach #Hacked #Infosec -- rtehrani
Investigador, profesor, tecnólogo, estudiante: los programas y proyectos #CTI son una oportunidad para aportar a #Cuba desde la Ciencia y la Innovación. Infórmate con @citmacuba en redes sociales y en las delegaciones territoriales por toda #Cuba #GenteQu -- ArmandoRguezB
Hunters International Ransomware Victim: Nastech - redpacketsecurity.com/hunter…#HuntersInternational, #darkweb, #databreach, #ransomware, #threatintel, #tor -- RedPacketSec
Hunters International Ransomware Victim: Medjet - redpacketsecurity.com/hunter…#HuntersInternational, #darkweb, #databreach, #ransomware, #threatintel, #tor -- RedPacketSec
Hunters International Ransomware Victim: Sindicato de Enfermería (SATSE) - redpacketsecurity.com/hunter…#HuntersInternational, #darkweb, #databreach, #ransomware, #threatintel, #tor -- RedPacketSec
Hunters International Ransomware Victim: Lancaster County Sheriff's Office - redpacketsecurity.com/hunter…#HuntersInternational, #darkweb, #databreach, #ransomware, #threatintel, #tor -- RedPacketSec
Hunters International Ransomware Victim: InstantWhip - redpacketsecurity.com/hunter…#HuntersInternational, #darkweb, #databreach, #ransomware, #threatintel, #tor -- RedPacketSec
Hunters International Ransomware Victim: Avianor Aircraft - redpacketsecurity.com/hunter…#HuntersInternational, #darkweb, #databreach, #ransomware, #threatintel, #tor -- RedPacketSec
Hunters International Ransomware Victim: Builders Hardware and Hollow Metal, Inc[.] - redpacketsecurity.com/hunter…#HuntersInternational, #darkweb, #databreach, #ransomware, #threatintel, #tor -- RedPacketSec
Hunters International Ransomware Victim: Alupar Investimento SA - redpacketsecurity.com/hunter…#HuntersInternational, #darkweb, #databreach, #ransomware, #threatintel, #tor -- RedPacketSec
Hunters International Ransomware Victim: Crystal Lake Health Center - redpacketsecurity.com/hunter…#HuntersInternational, #darkweb, #databreach, #ransomware, #threatintel, #tor -- RedPacketSec
Hunters International Ransomware Victim: Communication Federal Credit Union - redpacketsecurity.com/hunter…#HuntersInternational, #darkweb, #databreach, #ransomware, #threatintel, #tor -- RedPacketSec
Hunters International Ransomware Victim: Innovative Automation - redpacketsecurity.com/hunter…#HuntersInternational, #darkweb, #databreach, #ransomware, #threatintel, #tor -- RedPacketSec
Hunters International Ransomware Victim: Benchmark Management Group - redpacketsecurity.com/hunter…#HuntersInternational, #darkweb, #databreach, #ransomware, #threatintel, #tor -- RedPacketSec
Hunters International Ransomware Victim: Charles Trent - redpacketsecurity.com/hunter…#HuntersInternational, #darkweb, #databreach, #ransomware, #threatintel, #tor -- RedPacketSec
Hunters International Ransomware Victim: Bradford Health - redpacketsecurity.com/hunter…#HuntersInternational, #darkweb, #databreach, #ransomware, #threatintel, #tor -- RedPacketSec
Hunters International Ransomware Victim: Gallup McKinley County Schools - redpacketsecurity.com/hunter…#HuntersInternational, #darkweb, #databreach, #ransomware, #threatintel, #tor -- RedPacketSec
Hunters International Ransomware Victim: Thorite Group - redpacketsecurity.com/hunter…#HuntersInternational, #darkweb, #databreach, #ransomware, #threatintel, #tor -- RedPacketSec
Hunters International Ransomware Victim: Deegenbergklinik - redpacketsecurity.com/hunter…#HuntersInternational, #darkweb, #databreach, #ransomware, #threatintel, #tor -- RedPacketSec
Hunters International Ransomware Victim: Ausa - redpacketsecurity.com/hunter…#HuntersInternational, #darkweb, #databreach, #ransomware, #threatintel, #tor -- RedPacketSec